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Mercury Integrity

The heat traced sample/umbilical will maintain the gases at an appropriate temperature all the way from the probe assembly to the analyzer shelter. Good engineering practice dictates that this be short as possible but it is of more importance to place the analyzer in a convenient location. Lengths up to 1,000 feet are possible. The DEKORON®/Unitherm™ Integrity series was specifically designed to meet the needs of both the analyzer manufacturer as well as the installer. The Integrity series uses state of the art aerogel insulation and manufacturing techniques to provide the smallest, lightest mercury sample lines ever. Integrity series designs are available for use with all leading mercury analyzers and are available with factory finished ends allowing for easy “Plug & Play” connections in the field. While split line heated and unheated designs are available for all types of service, mercury Integrity lines are only offered as a split bundle design. In addition, the Watchdog controller is offered to guard against solid state relay failures and heater runaway.