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High Temperature Buffered & Hybrid

The DEKORON®/Unitherm™ High temperature buffered self regulating heater bundles are designed to provide freeze protection at a low ambient of -20°F when the maximum continuous core temperature exceeds 250°F with the heater power on. By adjusting the insulation between the heated core and the self regulating heating element, freeze protection of process tubes with operating at up to 1,100°F can be achieved.  In addition Dekoron Unitherm’s Composite traced bundle is uniquely constructed to handle the requirements of superheated steam analyzer applications. The hybrid superheat section transitions seamlessly into a more traditional bundle design to handle the steam after it has lost its superheat and begins to condense. This section is designed with a self-regulating heating element, thermal insulation and an extruded outer jacket. This section is smaller and much more flexible than a conventional 1100°F bundle. The heaters are electrically connected, so only one electrical feed point is required.