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6200-FPH Food and Pharmaceutical Grade

Unlike conventional insulation materials used in the food processing industry, 6200-BPE offers a all in one system. In comparison, 6200-BPE offers a 25%-50% savings in diameter while providing equal or superior insulation values. Due to its propriety insulation material 6200-BPE is three to four times more thermally efficient than foams or mineral fiber insulation. This efficiency translates into energy savings for the end user. In addition, as a pre-insulated system, major labor and scaffolding savings can be achieved. The 6200-BPE system is engineered to eliminate moisture egress, which is the leading cause of insulated pipe failures. The hydrophobic nature of 6200-BPE’s insulation material coupled with its extruded jacket and leak tight fitting covers insure that your installation will provide optimum performance now and for years to come.