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6200 Pre-insulated

Through the use of proprietary insulation materials, Dekoron Unitherm’s 6200 system requires on average 45% less space than traditional field applied insulation and jacketing. Thus reducing loading in pipe racks and relieving congestion in equipment skids. By virtue of its unique manufacturing process, 6200 installs faster than traditional site applied insulation, thereby reducing the installed cost up to 30% and shortening the total installation time at site up to 90%.   In addition, the 6200 system combines a seamless extruded fire retardant PVC jacket with a hydrophobic insulation material which when properly installed, eliminates the possibility of water egress or the formation of chloride stress corrosion of stainless steel pipe, which is common under conventional insulation materials. The seamless jacket combined with water tight fitting covers also insure that no bacteria or contaminates can build up on or under the jacket.   These unique molded pre-insulated fitting covers are patent pending and install in minutes.